Best places to run in Denton, Texas

park with walkway

If you enjoy exploring the outdoors or getting in your morning run, there are plenty of places to do both in Denton, Texas. Whether you’re a resident or want to take a run as a visitor, many natural landmarks and scenic views of the local nature can make your day a pleasant one in the beautiful warm weather of Texas. Explore some of the most popular running trails near Denton with some of the recommendations we’ve listed below.

Corinth Community Park

Corinth Community Park has a 6.4-mile-long loop trail near Denton. Walking takes an average of two hours and 18 minutes to complete. If you’re interested in hiking, mountain biking, or road biking, you may enjoy this expansive trail. This trail is less occupied during weekdays, perfect for walks or runs where you can enjoy a little solitude. If you’d like to take your dog with you, the park allows for it, but only if they’re on a leash.

South Lakes Park Trail

The South Lakes Park Trail is a nearly 2-mile loop near the lakes of Denton. This loop is the easier of the two, with a more extensive option available for hikers and bikers. This trail is popular for running, bird-watching, fishing, and road biking. While the trail permits dogs, they must be on a leash. During the week or early morning, the trail may be less populated. Because of the lake scenery and local tree life, the best times to visit this park are between March and October.

North Lakes Park Trail

The North Lakes Park Trail is a 1.5-mile loop scenic view near Denton. It takes an average of 32 minutes to complete when walking or running, depending on your speed. Because of the natural cover and shrubbery for small animals, the trail is popular among nature lovers and bird-watchers. The trail is also popular with local hikers and trail runners. North Lakes Park Trail is open year-round. While dogs are welcome, they must have a leash to enter the park.

Denton Katy Rail Trail

The Denton Katy Rail Trail is a large 12-mile trail just south of Denton. For those on foot, it takes an average of four hours to complete. The trail is popular for its well-crafted paths, both on natural scenic routes and for those who want to walk on a sidewalk. It’s common for bird-watchers, hikers, and dog walkers to enjoy nature on this trail. Denton’s Katy Rail Trail is open to customers year-round. If you want to bring your dog with you, be sure to bring a leash as well. In some areas, dogs are allowed to roam and explore.

Wiggly Field Dog Park Loop

The Wiggly Field Dog Park Loop is a trail that makes up one part of Wiggly Field Dog Park. This 1.3-mile loop is just above Lake Forest Park near Denton. It takes walkers an average of 31 minutes to complete the loop entirely with their canine companions. The park and loop are popular for running, walking dogs, and hiking. If you want to bring your dog, you can have them run free in the dog park area or on a leash with you on the loop.

South Lakes Extended Loop

The South Lakes Extended Loop is a longer version of the walking area in South Lakes, just south of Denton. It’s a 3-mile trail that takes just over an hour to complete for most walkers. The trail is popular for its heavily forested area, commonly visited by hikers, mountain bikers, runners, and anglers. The trail is open year-round for visitors. Dogs are also welcome to walk with you on the trail, but they must be on a leash in parking lots and crowded areas. During the longest parts of the trail, they can roam free.

Cooper Creek Trail

The Cooper Creek Trail is located in Evers Park, just east of Denton. The trail is just over 2 miles long and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on your hiking speed. Cooper Creek Trail is a well-paved trail with scenic accents thanks to the surrounding nature and is best viewed during springtime when the grass is green and lush.

Dogs are welcome in the park without a leash in wide areas. However, your pet will need a leash in crowded areas or areas with other dogs. The trail is popular with bikers and runners due to its well-maintained grounds.

Nette Shultz Park Trail

Nette Shultz Park Trail is a short loop that goes for less than a mile near Avondale Park. The loop can take less than 15 minutes for both runners and walkers to complete. It’s a popular trail for morning runs and walks. While this spot is more populated during the weekend, you can find some space to enjoy the local urban wildlife if you visit in the morning or on a weekday. The park is beautiful to visit any time of the year and is open year-round. If you bring your dog, it must be on a leash at all times.

Quakertown Park Walk

The Quakertown Park Walk is a small 1-mile loop near Denton. Walking on this simple route takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The trail is popular among road bikers, runners, and dog walkers. Because of its mix of well-developed trails and urban nature walkways, you can choose this trail for your morning exercise or just for a walk in the park. All dogs must be on a leash if you want to take them with you.

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