Top 6 Yoga Studios in Denton, TX

woman doing yoga by the beach

1. Twisted Bodies 

Twisted Bodies is a yoga studio in downtown Denton. Since 2008, Twisted Bodies has offered customized, safe, and effective workouts for all fitness levels. At the studio, you’ll find basic yoga classes that help you relax. Yoga can also be transformative, and you’ll see this in the way your body changes after taking regular classes. Attendees often notice the development of lean muscle, but the most significant progressions may include improved endurance and flexibility.

The studio also offers mat Pilates, reformer Pilates, pole, aerial silk, lyra, barre, cardio, and TRX studio classes. This means you can fill your week with effective workout sessions at this versatile studio. Classes are designed to improve your strength, balance, and stamina. You can be confident that each instructor is certified and educated to ensure that you always get helpful and safe advice.

  • Location: 1706 N. Elm St., Denton.

2. Inspire Yoga

Inspire Yoga is dedicated to offering challenging yoga sessions. No matter your skill level, you’ll find a class at this hot yoga studio that works for you. Course options include slow flow, which focuses on gentle transitions through a series of beneficial positions, and yin yoga, which helps you hold positions longer for a deeper stretch. You can even talk to your yoga instructor about personalized adjustments you can make to your flow to focus on safe improvements for you.

Inspire Yoga also offers meditation sessions, candlelight flow, and private yoga classes, so you can see if yoga will be a good workout option for you. Getting a good workout is about a lot more than constantly moving — you also need to learn how to relax. Whether you’re a beginner to yoga or you’ve been training to become an instructor yourself, this studio can help you achieve your goals.

  • Location: 321 W. Hickory St., Suite 104, Denton.

3. Bloom Yoga

Whether you’ve experienced injuries in the past or you want to avoid them in future, yoga can help you strengthen your body and mind, aiding your wellness journey. Bloom Yoga is a yoga co-op that emphasizes the healing and empowerment that yoga can offer you. When you work out at this studio, you are engaging in a strengthening and healing practice that allows you to connect with yourself and others.

You’ll find several different course options at this studio. One is Strong Roots Power Flow, which is a heated class that helps you build a strong foundation in yoga with an energizing movement flow that’s suitable for all skill levels. The Strong Roots Power Beats Class uses music and heat to help you develop your yoga skills, empowering your practice. Grow & Flow Vinyasa helps you build the essential connection between your breath and your movements. Other classes focus on soothing the muscles and improving your bodily alignment.

  • Location: 218 N. Austin St., Denton.

4. Summit Climbing, Yoga, and Fitness 

Summit in Denton offers a variety of fitness options beyond yoga, including bouldering and board training. In fact, the gym has over 6,000 square feet of bouldering space. This means you can attend a yoga class after an intense climbing session. If you are a fan of combining your workouts, this gym might be a good choice for you.

The in-house studio offers a variety of yoga courses, including all-levels flow. This class is a great option for beginners as well as those with more advanced skills. The class links together a variety of poses to create a cohesive flow. The power flow class is a bit more intensive and faster paced, which helps you build strength and stamina. Other courses include a Hatha-style program that focuses on alignment and a deep stretch class that concentrates on flexibility and stability.

  • Location: 220 W. Oak St., Denton.

5. Pure Synergy Wellness Studio

If you are passionate about functional yoga, Pure Synergy Wellness Studio can help you achieve your wellness goals. The class list includes gentle yoga flow, active restoration, yin yoga, and beginner yoga. You’ll find hot yoga flows in addition to mindfulness sessions and Pilates courses, which means you can get a thorough workout at this studio. 

Most people can benefit from taking a class here, no matter their current level of fitness. You can even practice meditation and stillness at the studio, which can provide relaxation and stress-relief benefits even if you are not physically flexible. Some practitioners at the studio also offer massage therapy, which can help ease your tender and sore muscles after an intense workout session.

  • Location: 3630 FM 2181, Suite 120, Hickory Creek.


HOTWORX offers a Denton location for hot yoga enthusiasts. In addition to the heated classes, this studio offers memberships for virtual courses. You’ll also have access to infrared sauna workouts that really help you work up a sweat. Workout sessions with knowledgeable instructors include hot barre and hot bands, which involve isometric exercises to help you gain long-lasting results. You’ll also have the opportunity to try out high-intensity interval training with qualified fitness teachers.

For many people, working up a sweat is an important part of a workout. Exercising in a heated sauna can help you feel the burn, and hot yoga helps you work off calories and manage stress. If you feel like you aren’t seeing as many benefits from your traditional yoga courses, HOTWORX might be a good option.

  • Location: 1400 South Loop 288, Suite 116, Denton.

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