Elbow Treatments in Denton, TX


The elbow is a joint that connects the humerus bone of the upper arm with the radius and ulna bones of the lower arm through a complex network of muscles, ligaments, and tendons. More than a simple hinge, the unique arrangement of these tissues also allows for rotation. Treatment of injuries and diseases requires specialized knowledge. Our physicians are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of elbow problems.

Common elbow conditions we treat include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Elbow injuries in throwing athletes
  • Adult Forearm Fractures
  • Biceps Tendon Tear at the Elbow
  • Broken Arm
  • Distal Humerus Fractures
  • Elbow (Olecranon) Bursitis
  • Elbow and Forearm Diseases and Syndromes
  • Elbow and Forearm Fractures and Injury
  • Elbow Dislocation
  • Forearm Fractures in Children
  • Olecranon (Elbow) Fractures
  • Oseoarthritis of the Elbow
  • Ulnar Nerve Entrapment at the Elbow (Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Many people suffer from elbow pain, and it can happen for several reasons. No matter the cause of the pain you feel in your elbow, it can make it tough to perform daily tasks and do your job. However, there are treatments available for elbow pain, which you can learn more about by visiting Orthopedic Specialists of North Texas. Here’s more about elbow pain and injuries and how to treat them.

Elbow Injuries in Adults and Children

Elbow injuries happen to both adults and children. These are some of the elbow injuries we treat at Orthopedic Specialists of North Texas:

Tennis Elbow

Lateral elbow tendinopathy, commonly known as tennis elbow, is often caused by the repetitive motions associated with certain sports and professions. Tennis is one of the main culprits, hence the name, but anything that requires you to make the same motion with your elbow over and over can cause it. This repetitive motion causes tiny tears in the muscle’s tendon that is attached to the outer part of the elbow. When the tendons that attach to the elbow are damaged, you’ll feel pain down your arm, typically a burning sensation.

Elbow Bursitis

If you feel pain in the bony tip of your elbow, also called the olecranon bursa, you’re likely suffering from elbow bursitis. This condition happens when fluid fills the bursa. Although the bursa typically contains a small amount of fluid for lubrication, irritation or inflammation of the area can cause it to fill with excess fluid. This condition can make it painful to bend and flex your arm. Some causes of elbow bursitis include:

  • Hitting the tip of your elbow too hard.
  • Getting an infection on the area from a scratch, insect bite, or other open wounds.
  • Having certain medical conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Elbow Fractures

An elbow fracture occurs when you break a bone in your elbow. The olecranon is the most common bone to break in the elbow because there are no muscles or tissue to protect it. It also takes the brunt of falls when landing on an elbow. This type of fracture is more common in children but can happen to adults as well. If you have a fractured elbow, you might notice swelling, numbness, and pain when trying to move your arm.

Elbow Dislocation

There are three bones that come together to form the elbow joint. If something separates these bones, it’s considered a dislocated elbow. Falling and causing trauma to the elbow is typically the reason that this injury occurs. While not the most common type of elbow pain, elbow dislocation happens when someone falls and uses their outstretched hand to break the fall. There’s probably no serious bone injury if it’s a simple dislocation. However, you may suffer severe bone and ligament issues if you have a complex dislocation. The elbow may look deformed, and the pain is severe.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Ulnar nerve entrapment, another name for cubital tunnel syndrome, is a condition in which the ulnar nerve inside your elbow gets squeezed, compressed, or pinched. This nerve runs from your neck all the way down to your hand, and if it’s pinched in your elbow, it can be excruciating and cause a lot of discomfort. When you hit your “funny bone” and feel that tingling, slightly painful sensation, it’s your ulnar nerve getting hit. Several things can cause this condition, such as thickening tissue, snapping of the nerve, and overstretching.

Biceps Tendon Tear at the Elbow

While a biceps tendon tear at the elbow isn’t as common as other elbow injuries, the condition is quite serious. When the tendon is torn, it doesn’t grow back. If this happens, it causes weakness in the arm and limits the range of movement from the elbow to the hand. If the condition is a complete tear, you’ll likely need surgery, as the tendon has been detached from the bone.

How To Treat Elbow Pain

How you treat your elbow pain will largely depend on the type of pain you’re having and what caused it. Some conditions require you to restrict the movement of your elbow. You can do this by wrapping it with a bandage, using a sling, or getting a splint. Often, alternating between ice and heat can reduce pain and swelling. This treatment helps with blood flow and can make you feel better.

For those with severe pain, prescription painkillers may be prescribed. Talk to your orthopedic specialist to find out more about the drugs that might be best for managing the pain you’re experiencing. In some cases, although it may be painful at first, exercising the elbow might be in order. Performing specific movements to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments after an injury can help you get back to using your elbow generally in no time.

Talk To Your Orthopedic Specialist

To ensure you get the proper treatment and diagnosis for your elbow pain, talk to Orthopedic Specialists of North Texas. Here, we can diagnose your pain and get to the root of your problem. Our doctors understand how challenging life can be when you have limited mobility and severe pain caused by an elbow injury. These types of injuries can happen to anyone for a variety of reasons. So, it’s essential to have a trained professional on your side to give you the care and attention you need when you’re in pain.

Don’t wait to get your elbow pain under control. Contact our team at Orthopedic Specialists of North Texas today. Regardless of your age or the type of condition you’re suffering from, we can help you manage your pain, so you can get back to doing the things you love and need to do each day. We’re open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and are here until 3 p.m. on Friday. Let us help you figure out why you have pain in your elbow and learn what you can do to relieve it.